About Vogel Traffic Services:

Andrew and Jenny Vogel immigrated from the Netherlands in 1913 to try their hand at farming in a new land, however Andrew soon returned to his roots as a painter. He did not feel there were quality paints to be used and decided to make his own just as his father and grandfather had done before him. In response to demand for the quality products he was making, soon he was no longer applying the paint, but supplying paint.

By the late 1930’s, more and more roads in the Midwest were paved, but few roads were marked.  Early paving projects were crude and labor intensive.  Initially, some highway delineations were made with an oil/tar mixture.  It was then that the Vogel Company began manufacturing highway and bridge paints.  Road paints were primarily white with some yellow lead chromate paint; while bridge coatings were primarily red lead paints.  In the 1950’s and 1960’s, while the Vogel company was selling paint to city, county and state highway departments, some agencies began to ask the company to apply the paint to their roads as well.

Vogel Traffic Services (VTS) was incorporated in 1960 and all activities related to pavement marking were consolidated under this business name. VTS built their own equipment because no machines could be found to mark highways effectively.  The first striping truck was built in 1961.  In 1965, the EZ-Liner brand was born.  In the 1960’s and early 70’s the marking crews painted roads in the summer and built and sold the EZ-Liner stripers during the off-season.  By the late 1970’s, manufacturing stripers was a full-time business, with hundreds of units being produced and sold each year. Visit www.ezliner.com for more information on quality striping equipment.

The 1990's brought a revolution in the highway marking industry with the transition to latex paints, with VTS, Diamond Vogel Paint, and EZ-Liner Industries being in the forefront. VTS was an industry leader in solving problems associated with first generation latex paints, and also led the industry in the areas of bulk packaging, innovative paint contracts and technology in paint manufacture.

Today, with the resources of the Traffic Paint Division, the Marking Division, and the Equipment Division, VTS offers information and expertise in traffic paint technology, equipment operation and maintenance and application techniques.  This all-encompassing understanding of pavement marking is unique in the industry.  As a result, VTS continues to be a leader in solving problems, such as meeting the requirements of performance contracting and retroreflectivity mandates for contractors and political subdivisions.  VTS maintains a marking division with numerous crews, each having the capability to provide full rural and urban pavement marking needs.  Diamond Vogel Paints has also grown in response to demand from the highway industry for quality materials, equipment and application.  Millions of gallons of paint are produced annually in the Orange City factory where bulk pigment handling systems have increased production with less labor.

Following in the footsteps of Andrew Vogel, VTS strives to uphold a long tradition of quality, from its high quality products to its commitment to service and dedication to the customer; this is exemplified in our mission statement “We strive to be the best provider of quality striping equipment and services for public safety by conducting our business with integrity and in a professional manner.”

VTS is involved in highway painting in every state across the country, either with Diamond Vogel traffic paints, EZ-Liner Industries striping equipment or Vogel Traffic Services marking division. The Vogel Traffic Services administration and sales office is located at 1920 Albany Place SE, Orange City, IA  51041.

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